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SEA helps people find the right job to fit personality, lifestyle, interests, skills, and abilities



SEA becomes part of the job seeker's team: coaching, encouraging, helping




SEA becomes a primary workplace accommodation to help those with all kinds of differences fit into the workplace

What is Supported Employment?

Our goal is to help anyone who wants to work and is ready for competitive employment become fully integrated working members of their community and to reach their highest level of independence.

The “job coach” image has changed over the years.  Today's "employment specialists" may still work one-on-one with an individual during their first days or even weeks on the job (or not), but the goal now is to provide that person with the tools and natural supports on the work site that they need to be able to work independently.

Searching for the right job, the right employer, job applications, job interviews, new hire orientation and training can be overwhelming for some people.  We help level the playing field for persons with disabilities so they can overcome their challenges and become full participants in the community.



All the people we work with are referred to us by the Kentucky Office of Vocational Rehabilitation or Office for the Blind. These are free services for those that have qualifying disabilities.