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People thrive in fun, community-active jobs!  Dante is holding the first tray of dog treats produced in WiggleWow’s prototype kitchen.

WiggleWow founder Mark Pfifer’s vision is to develop a variety of nation-wide pet focused businesses that will actively seek to hire people with disabilities in an integrated setting.  His Epic Pet Innovation Company (EPIC) ( will be one to watch.


(Above) WiggleWow’s first employees include Karen (Dante’s mother), Dante, and Mark.

(Left) Dante learns to crack an egg for the first time while preparing the all-natural, wholesome, and deliciously irresistible-to-dogs treats.

Look for WiggleWow dog treats to be appearing at promotional events soon before full online ordering and home delivery starts!



SEA helps individuals participate in the Coalition for Workforce Diversity's Transitional Learning Center at UPS.  This training site, set up on airport property, lets individuals with little or no work experience and a variety of challenges learn all the entry-level package handler job tasks during a two-week classroom and hands-on setting.  With no more than 6 participants per class, everyone enjoys one-on-one support while discovering how UPS can be a great career move.

Louisville's largest private employer, UPS, serves as a model to other nationwide programs in how to help good people succeed in good jobs.  There are now over 200 people working on the day shift (a full 10% of the total employees on this shift!!!) through supported employment agencies such as SEA and the Coalition for Workforce Diversity.


Why are we SEA CHANGE?

S(upported)              E(mployment)                    A(lliance)                           +CHANGE

The phrase sea change is a quotation from Shakespeare. It comes from Ariel’s wonderfully evocative song in The Tempest:

Full fathom five thy father lies:
Of his bones are coral made:
Those are pearls that were his eyes:
Nothing of him that doth fade
But doth suffer a sea-change
Into something rich and strange.

Shakespeare obviously meant that the transformation of the body of Ferdinand’s father was made by the sea, but we have come to refer to a sea change as being a profound transformation caused by any agency.

Seeing the transformation in our clients as they gain skills through employment, take on new responsibilities, and achieve greater independence in their lives is why we do what we do.