Career Development is for Everyone

Workers with disabilities share the same hopes and dreams as other employees; they want to do a good job, appreciate constructive supervision, enjoy new challenges and want to get ahead while maintaining and developing new social contacts on and off the job, and achieving personal goals.

Businesses that successfully recruit and retain a diverse group of good employees maintain a competitive edge. They establish career development plans for everyone that include goal setting, team building, networking, mentoring, performance evaluations, leadership development, and skills training.

The best employers also recognize that career development is different for everyone. Some people simply want to come to work each day, get their work done, and leave. Some want to climb their chosen career ladder. And some want work to be meaningful and give them purpose, while also giving them the ability to live the life they want outside of work.  Diversity in the workplace is just one more layer of difference.

SEA mentors individuals with disabilities in all facets of their work-life balance, and encourages employers to actively participate in mentoring all employees.  It builds human capital, sends employees a message that their employer cares, and creates positive attitude changes in corporate culture.

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